Saturday, January 5, 2019

#GABON--US Reaction Force Staged in West Africa--NO FLY ZONE AOR--


UPDATE: Note a few minutes following post of the report on the field op on Twitter, Flight Tracker has no record of "GLEX,", the TRANSPONDER WAS TURNED OFF..

(The Scullery)--Following indicates an area north of Brazzaville with SIGMET posted. Normally for weather conditions, there doesn't appear to be any turbulence there at the moment:

In addition, at Flight Radar, flying north, is an aircraft identified by the callsign GLEX:

The following previous note has been filed related to the callsign:
"Unknown aircraft doing circles around Qara Bagh, Afghanistan at 42k feet. Aircraft is identified as a Bombardier Global 6000. Call sign is GLEX which I assume is short for Bombardier Global Express . Apparently the RAF uses a modified version for reconnaissance at operates at 40k+ feet. I was also thinking it could be a KC135 or something that's in a refueling pattern. Either way, I don't understand why something like this is on flightradar...."

The top image is what appears to be a no-fly zone, possible insertion route for rescue ops should the situation on the ground heat up following election results. Only essential aircraft would be permitted in that particular AOR The GLEX image altitude is consistent with the observation comment.

Des militaires américains prennent position au Gabon--
Finally, US military were already present in Port-Gentil (see my post here) before sending the intervention forces. It is Seabees of the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) No. 1 which, with Gabonese sappers, build since November a Maritime Operations Center (MOC).

The operation appears to be compromised by at least two observations: The first by the fact that the transponder on the GLEX flight from South Africa in what appeared to be a flight path toward Libreville. The second by the existence of the SIGMET above Brazzaville that may, or may not, represent a no-fly zone.

Des militaires américains prennent position au Gabon

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